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About Jim Gill, Fly Fishing Instructor
I am a member of the following Associations:

The Game Angling Instructor’s Association – GAIA. Through the association there are plenty of opportunities for CPPD – a wonderful environment of organised workshops that demonstrates a willingness to share experiences and knowledge. There are the social occasions when friendships are rekindled and new colleagues are welcomed into the association.

I’m also a registered Coach Educator (CTS – Level 3 Certificate in Tutoring Sport) with the ADB – providing training for Level 1 and Level 2 CCA angling coaches and also as an Internal Verifier and examiner.
I’ve always been a fisherman of sorts – as a youngster in my native Northumberland I would walk a fair distance to try and catch quite large Perch from a local lake. I never had much success but like all anglers “there is always tomorrow”. I joined the Royal Navy with a vision of fishing all over the world – the RN had other ideas and after a successful navy career I landed in Norfolk to work in the NHS. A chance meeting at the Holkham Countryside Show saw me sign up for a fly-fishing course and that changed the course of my life.

I decided that instructing or as it is referred to today – coaching – was another venture I could attempt. The programme I’ve taken to get that coaching status has been rigorous and no quarter given when taking assessments. Like all professionals there is always a programme of continuing personal and professional development (CPPD) – the learning curve does not diminish but grows in this ever changing world of fly fishing.

I have now taken early retirement from the NHS and coaching is a full-time occupation. The reward is to see that look of enlightenment and achievement at the end of a candidate’s coaching session when what was a mystery becomes a reality. Of course I too will always take something away from these sessions – reflecting on how it went and seeking to improve my performance.

It is a passion for angling and a quest for improvement that I find so motivating. To be thoroughly prepared by good coaching has been the foundation to develop my skills and knowledge – not only in angling techniques but in the way in which modern sports coaching is delivered. As a licensed angling coach by the Angling Development Board (ADB) I have to have additional training in first aid, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and CRB check – all of this to be regularly updated.

As well as a colleague with the Strictly Fly fishing School of Game Angling, Mike Smith has become a close friend whom I thoroughly enjoy working with. I value his support and mentoring as I develop my coaching career and we train together to maintain the GAIA standards – an up-to-date angling knowledge, techniques and casting skills.

I have joined the Strictly Fly fishing organisation and Mike and I have developed the School of Game Angling to provide a structured learning environment. The school has learning programmes supported by governance and a code of practice. These are available on a CD and can be obtained on request.

Game-angling Courses: we offer a variety of programmes for Beginners and for those anglers who wish to improve their knowledge and skill. Equipment is supplied – all we insist on is that you bring a hat and safety glasses (sunglasses are advised) and of course your food & drink for the day. We use modern equipment and our programmes are always updated to reflect developments in technology that impact on rod/reel/line design and performance. In fact we advise that you do not rush out and buy any equipment until you have a chance to discuss what is best for you as an individual.

Although I operate out of King’s Lynn in Norfolk I’m able to travel if necessary. The idea of our game-angling school is that it can be presented any place where there is a suitable venue; water isn’t always necessary at first – a large grassed area is ideal to start off.

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